"Kashima-san was a very punctual and enthusiastic tour guide. He made an incredible effort to engage with the children and provided a detailed, printed itinerary. The itinerary included lots of information about visiting spots as well as an entertaining way of introducing some essential Japanese words. Kashima-san brought us to some very reasonable and good-quality restaurants and adapted the itinerary according to our interests. Would recommend to anyone with an interest in going off the beaten track and experiencing Japan with a local flavour."

By Sarah

3 weeks ago

"Our family of 6 had an excellent and enriching tour with Kashima-san. One of the main reasons we wanted a guide in Tokyo was to help with arranging a tour of a sumo stable in Tokyo, many of which are weary of visitors. Despite this, Kashima-san managed to book a tour of the Hakkaku sumo stable. Ahead of the visit, Kashima-san sent us a summary of sumo wrestling and what we might expect to see in the training. And during the training, he explained the complex rituals and ranking of the sumo wrestlers. This made the sumo training a very interesting experience. After the tour of the stables, Kashima-san took us to the sumo museum which was also vey interesting and gave us some historical context to sumo. Overall, by the end of sumo tour we had a much deeper understanding and appreciation of sumo wrestling. We then went to Asakusa where Kashima-san took us through the Thunder gate, Nakamise market street, Senjoji Temple and Asakusa Shrine. We learned a lot of the rich history of these places, including the differences between the Buddhist Temple and Shinto Shrine. Finally Kashima-san took us to Kannorura Street where one may see Geisha walking about at dusk. It would have been very hard to find without a guide like him. Kashima-san was also vey professional in the conduct of the tour. He was very punctual, and always had the journey on the metro subway or walking route well planned out. He was also amenable and flexible to detours if we found something of interest along the way (like shopping!) "

By Stephen

1 month ago

"My Kids really enjoyed the trip "

By raj

1 month ago

"Kashima was a professional and answered our wishes and questions perfectly. We are very happy having our first visit in Japan being guided by Kashima."

By Tammy

2 months ago

"We visited two famous bonsai gardens and museums topped off by a surprise visit from the master of bonsai. Fantastic."

By Margaret

2 months ago

"Well planned and enthusiastic. Created an itinerary to meet with our desired interests. Knowledgeable and experienced. "

By Mark

3 months ago

"we had very nice tour with Kashima - he was prepared in excellent manner, all on time, and he has shared with us interesting stories on Nara. very entusiastic about his job."

By Katarzyna

4 months ago

"Kashima was wonderful throughout a long day of touring. He was very knowledgeable about all sites visited. I highly recommend a tour led by Hideo."

By James

4 months ago

"We spent an entire day with Kashima. As promised, he met us in our lobby at 830am. We had a busy day planned and he helped us navigate the subway and trains to get to six different areas throughout the city. He made us a dinner reservation and helped us find a great hole in the wall spot for lunch. He also purchased our transit passes in advance. Kashima was funny and has better than basic English speaking abilities. Although his pronunciation was difficult to understand at times, his understanding of our questions was fine. He was able to answer anything we asked. He also prepared us a tour packet in advance that we enjoyed, and he allowed us to make changes on the fly without question. I would use Kashima again."

By Philip

4 months ago

"Had a great day trip to Kamakura! Kashima provided a detailed itinerary based on my wishes and was flexible and I changed and added some things. We had tea ceremony per my request in jomyoji temple, which I would highly recommend! Kashima met me promptly in my hotel and provided me with a printed and bound copy of our intinerary as well as pictures and detailed information about our day. He was flexible as I wanted to stop various places and shop. He was so friendly and helpful and I had the absolute best day! Highly recommend Kashima!"

By Rebecca

4 months ago

"Great time with Kashima san. Excellent pre-trip planning, prompt, flexible, good suggestions. I can’t imagine a more efficient user of public transportation, we covered Tokyo as if we were in a private car —- only faster. In Nikko, when it rained, we modified our trip on the spot, so we could see everything we wanted. Oh, and there were nine of us he was keeping track of."

By Jim

4 months ago

"Many thanks to Kashima for staying up late to show our family some interesting parts of Tokyo during our odd-hours layover at Haneda. We could not have found a nicer guy for our tour guide. He took good care of us and arranged a fantastic taxi van and driver. Very comfortable, and I'm very grateful he chose places that would be fun for my kids. I hope we have a chance to visit Tokyo again - if so, we'll definitely contact Kashima to show us around! Highly recommended. Thanks again, Kashima!!"

By Gordon

5 months ago

"Kashima was a very friendly guide. Very accessible from the very beginning, answered all my questions and requests regarding the tour very quickly. He was happy to help us throughout the entire trip to Nikko. "

By Viviane

5 months ago

"1 day at Hakone 1 day at Kamakura 1 day at Tokyo came to Japan with business partners and families. had great time with Mr.Kashima. thank you very much for the guide and all kinds of cordinations. He took great care of us with ages varies from 20's to 80's.... "


6 months ago

"Everything was great "

By Raydreonia

6 months ago

"Kashima san and I toured Kamakura and from beginning to the end he was the perfect guide. He was prepared for a great day - even printing out a notebook for me providing history and details about our sites which was very appreciated. He was also very fun with great since of humor —excellent company for a single tourist. Thank you for making this such a memorable day!"

By Steve

6 months ago

"We like Hideo San We see him again today"

By Allen

7 months ago

"About Nikko----- Kashima took us to places that other guide won’t take us to. Such as doing Koyoto in one day or Nikko in one day. Kashima made it happen. We couldn’t stop talking about these places he took us too because of how much fun we had. And he made it easy. He had everything set up ahead of time everything right on time we felt stress free enjoying our time and creating memories. And not to mention his sense of humor he kept us laughing the whole time. He’s kind, caring full of energy. What a blast! We can’t wait to go back to Japan and hire Kashima again. The best of the best! Believe me u won’t regret it. About Kyoto----- You are very welcome Kashima u made my grad daughter so happy where she wants to go back to Japan and hire u again so u can take us to more fun places. I can’t thank u enough."

By Rania

8 months ago

"My family and I visited Tokyo, Japan over a month ago for the first time. We had never been to Tokyo before and since our travelling party consisted of young children and elderlies it was most wonderful to have my sister organise a local tour guide to show us around some of the great attraction spots. Hideo San arrived early to meet us at our accommodation place and introduced himself and gave us a file that he had prepared with interesting facts about the places we were going to visit. He took charge of the train system and got us to our destination stops most efficiently and also revealed great travel tips. We visited Meiji Shrine and said a prayer to bless our family as well as our community, next we were able to taste delicious sweet & savoury crepes at Takeshita street before having a delightful Japanese lunch. The children particularly enjoyed the shop Kiddyland that Hideo San recommended we visit for some souvenir shopping fun! After our yummy lunch we made our way to The Samurai Museum and was fortunate to be able to join the informative tour and see a sword display demonstration. Then we made our way to The Ghibli Museum which was enjoyed immensely by our group. During our second day of visiting some more of Tokyo's attraction spots, Hideo San took us to see a Sumo training session before we headed to Ginza for some retail shopping therapy. After lunch we went to Vasara which is a kimono rental place where our whole group got fitted out for kimono hire and Hideo San was so kind to take photos for us. Next we headed to Chazen for a Traditional Matcha Tea Ceremony and had a most amazing time learning about Matcha tea and how to make our own tea to drink. We would like to thank Hideo San for the most wonderful two days of showing us around lovely places in Tokyo, we had a great time due to his guide and expertise."

By Yok

8 months ago

"I had never visited Tokyo or even Japan for that matter and as I was travelling solo I knew that I needed a local guide that would take me to places that I just wouldn't have visited if it weren't for the help of a local expert. Kashi took charge of the train system for me so I didn't waste any time working it all out and this is important if you are only in Tokyo for a few days. Kashi was very helpful giving me tips for my train travel around Japan and even helped me book my bullet train travel. Kashi took me to some delightful food places and to some major attractions that are on the tourist list but he also took me to other places such as samurai, sumo and sword museums and also art exhibitions and a cruise down the river. Thank you very much Kashi, I will recommend you to my parents for their next visit :) "

By adam

11 months ago

"Hide, a new certified guide but he well prepared for the itinerary. We have a wonderful trip with him for 2 days."

By Kok

1 year ago